Organisation Expectations

Policies on Registered Member Organisations

  • Volunteer Kapiti will provide volunteers to registered not-for-profit (NFP) organisations (but not to individuals), that adopt sound volunteer management practices. These practices include providing job descriptions, appropriate training, supervision, support/recognition and reimbursement of agreed out-of-pocket expenses.
  • NFP Organisations must adhere to the 1993 Human Rights Act, the 1992 Privacy Act and the 1993 Health and Safety in Employment Act for registration with Volunteer Kapiti.
  • NFP organisations interested in using our services will be requested to pay a registration fee. This is set annually by the Committee.
  • It is the responsibility of member organisations to formulate their own insurance and volunteer expenses policies. Volunteer Kapiti does not accept responsibility in this area.
  • The decision to appoint a volunteer is the responsibility of the member organisation. Volunteer Kapiti does not accept responsibility for performance of the volunteers or for the accuracy of the information supplied by the volunteers.
  • Volunteer Kapiti will refer potential volunteers to its member organisations. Member organisations must have their own interview selection and we suggest that health and safety procedures are in place including police checks. We request that organisations inform the volunteers and Volunteer Kapiti of their decision.

Code of Practice for organisations involving volunteers

To promote excellence in service and maximise the quality of volunteers’ experience, this organisation will:

  • Empower our volunteers to meet their own and the organisation’s needs.
  • Offer volunteers work opportunities appropriate to their skills, experience and aspirations.
  • Provide volunteers with clear duty statements and orientation to their work and the organisation.
  • Offer training and support for volunteers to achieve personal and work goals.
  • Implement procedures to safeguard volunteer safety and well being.
  • Offer re-imbursement to cover out-of-pocket expenses.
  • Recognise volunteers as valued team members with opportunities to participate in relevant organisation decisions.
  • Provide mechanisms to acknowledge contributions made by volunteers.