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Registration Forms

Forms to be returned to Volunteer Kapiti**:

  • Organisation Registration Form
    provides us with valuable information about your organisation.
  • Organisation Release Form**
    (included with the Registration form in PDF) legal requirement.
  • Organisation Membership Fee*
    Annual membership fee is $75.00. ** The fee will be waived for the first year of membership and then invoiced annually on the anniversary of the join date.
  • Request For Volunteers
    this will assist us in finding appropriately matched volunteers. Use one form for each volunteer position. (See below for tips on this form.)
  • All forms can be found at the back of the hard-copy guide, or by phoning our office: ph 905 8884
    and PDF versions are here for download:
    Organisation Registration**
    Request for Volunteers

    When you have completed all forms, please return them with any membership fee payment to:
    Volunteer Kapiti
    Kapiti Community Centre,
    15 Ngahina St,
    Paraparaumu 5032

    * Please note: an application for a waiver of fees from organisations with no paid staff and no funds should be directed in writing to the Volunteer Management Committee for consideration.
    On-line versions of the forms are available here:
    Organisation Registration
    Request for Volunteers

    Tips for completing the “Request for Volunteers” form

    Complete the section about your organisation (name, address, etc.) at the top of the “Request for Volunteers” form and photocopy the form 5 – 10 times. Now you have a ready supply of forms for positions without having to complete the same details every time.

    Give as much information as you can about the volunteer(s) you need. The more information you can provide, the easier it is to find you the right volunteer(s).

    A “Request for Volunteers” form is required for every different voluntary position that you want filled. If you have one position that you want three volunteers to do, only complete one form but if you have three different positions complete three different forms.

    A volunteer should not be requested for a position that is in excess of 20 hours per week.

    Make the position a “job share” if it requires a considerable amount of hours. You are more likely to get five people to do a 10am – 1 pm shift one day a week (i.e. 1 person = 3 hours) than to get one person to work 10am – 1 pm Monday to Friday (1 person = 15 hours).

    Ensure the position is interesting, challenging and fun. Volunteers want to develop their skills, meet people, contribute to their community and enjoy their work.

    A voluntary position should not replace a job that was paid within the last six months.

    Voluntary positions are to be open to gender and age group. However, occasionally there will be a reason why the request must be specific.

    Please allow a reasonable amount of time for us to fulfil your request for volunteers. Forward planning of your volunteering needs will assist us in providing you with volunteers when you need them.

    Think about the work you do. Is there any project you have wanted to commence, but had no one available? Are there any discrete tasks that paid staff do – e.g. filing, word processing, writing media releases, answering telephones etc that could be assisted by a volunteer? (For example, a volunteer could assist a field worker with their administration work.)